Have you lived in your Toronto home for over 30 years? Feel it’s time for a move, but not sure of your options? Maybe just thinking about these things is emotional and stressful. 

I am a Toronto realtor who specializes in working with people who haven’t bought or sold real estate for decades. I’ll help you create a detailed “Plan with a Purpose”. It’s lightened the anxiety of many of my clients and made things go much easier for them.

The plan we develop together can include:

  • Identifying available options for your next home in your favorite neighborhood including rentals, the condo options or retirement homes
  • Financial pre-planning; including how to free up capital cost effectively for a deposit on a purchase
  • Developing a plan and timetable to deal with your stuff including options for selling, contents sales, donating or gifting 
  • Planning home updates to get you top dollar with today’s buyers in mind
  • Move management, packing, unpacking and help with laying out your new space 
  • “Stage to stay” where my designers can help you design your new space

I will personally take care of every detail, each step of the way, guiding you calmly through the complexities of the current real estate market.  If you choose, I’ll include family members whom you count on for support in the process.

Want to get started on your plan today?  Call me directly at 416-562-5002!

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