Ravine properties are very popular with homeowners for many reasons!  Ravine properties provide lots of privacy, provide tree cover, even provide opportunities for exciting wildlife encounters! 

Homes with a back yard on a ravine are some of the most desired properties in Toronto.  Imagine the privacy of country living - no direct neighbors, daily visits from deer & access to walking paths and trails outside your back yard. It's a dream for many! 

But there are a few things you need to know about ravine properties before you buy.  

  • Ravine properties attract a premium price.  My research has shown, all things being equal a property backing or siding on a ravine can get a premium of $50,000 - $100,000 vs. other similar homes.  The premium becomes higher if ravine properties rarely come up for sale on that street.  The good news is that in Scarborough you can still find modest properties on ravine lots that don't come with a hefty price tag.
  • Table Land is important.  Table land is the flat part of the property before the ravine starts.  Some ravine properties have very little usable land (little table land),  The property line may extend into the ravine - this needs to be taken into consideration depending on how you want to use the property
  •  There are reverse ravine lots, too.  A reverse ravine is when the property is located at the bottom of the ravine.  These properties offer maximum privacy.  Because water flows downhill, you should do extensive research on the properties drainage & grading to avoid any future problems.
  •  Ravine properties may have restrictions on future use.  Because most ravines in Toronto are protected, before you make any changes you will have to check with local by laws or be faced with severe fines.   Building codes change over the years, and what might have been allowed in the past may not be allowed now.   So if your neighbor has a pool and is on a ravine too, it does not mean you will be able to install a pool now.   If you want to make changes to the property check with the city before you buy.  

Building and Renovation guides for the City of Ajax

Conservation Authority Information for Durham

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3+1 bds 3 ba
Listed 0 hours ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
58 Frazer Rd
Ajax, South West L1S 4B2
List $ 819,900 New
4+1 bds 3 ba
Listed 14 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
79 Rollo Dr
Ajax, South East L1S 7B7
List $ 1,125,000 New
4+1 bds 3 ba
Listed 30 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
45 Harman Dr E
Ajax, Central L1S 5H8
List $ 964,900 New
4+1 bds 4 ba
Listed 38 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
38 Hornsell Circ N
Ajax, Northeast Ajax L1T 0G5
List $ 1,099,000 New
4+1 bds 4 ba
Listed 41 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
10 Atherton Ave
Ajax, Northwest Ajax L1T 4X2
List $ 1,148,000 New
3+1 bds 4 ba
Listed 48 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
17 Annie Cres
Ajax, Central West L1T 3X6
List $ 1,099,900 New
4 bds 3 ba
Listed 57 days ago
Toronto Regional Real Estate Board
17 Bradbury Cres
Ajax, Northwest Ajax L1T 4H5
List $ 1,129,999 New
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